Learn Advance Visual Effects (VFX)

Animation techniques


Interests Addressed:
Visual Effects, Computer Graphics, Film Making, Dynamics, Tracking, and Compositing.

OVERVIEW Zee Institute of Creative Arts is India’s most esteemed institute which offers VFX course to students those who desire to bring their imagination to life onscreen. At ZICA we have grown into a full fledged media institute covering the entire spectrum of requirements covering from Visual effects course to web designing course. At ZICA we constantly strive to make students learn and grow in all dimensions. Our VFX course are designed such that students learn and evolve through brushing skills on practical based projects. Initially the visual effects course begins with a basics of Computer Graphics and Filmmaking. These basics will lay your strong foundation for Rotoscopy, Dynamics, Tracking and composting.

Become a professional artist
Our institute have always been working in tandem with the industry and trying to incorporate all the contemporary changes into the course. This VFX course can prove to be a paradigm shift for people who wish to change their careers and pursue something creative which they always had dreamed of, well if you are willing to take the leap then you are welcome to Zee Institute of Creative Arts family. ZICA’s state of the art creative studio is well equipped modern software and gadgets to make students train with the best.

Salient Features of ZICA
1. ZICA is such a VFX institute has been nurturing and producing talents in the media field since more than a decade. It is one of the most of the experienced institute of India
2. Zee Institute of Creative Arts have a strong placement support which ensures that our students are placed in one of the reputed companies and production houses.
3. We constantly strive to bring students out of their comfort zone in these visual effects course , so that they might explore the artist with them.
4. Our VFX course are taught by experienced faculty belonging to the industry whose practical based knowledge, application based learning makes concepts easy for students and enhances the whole VFX training
5. Tests and genuine evaluation in VFX course gives the students the right guidance and direction to lead.
6. Projects and event based learning prepares the candidate for competitive world of outside.
7. Major USP of visual effects course are that it doesn’t require any degree as a requisite for taking admission. Least you will require a your 10th and 12th qualification marksheet.
8. Interactive workshop related to visual effects course are conducted by veteran film makers.
9. VFX duration of 2 years is ample for an overall understanding of the subject and flexible timings makes it convenient for working professionals.

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Production and Post-Production Pipeline
-Introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality module
-Continuous evaluation through competitions and activities
-Placement support


History of VFX, Principles of Design, Photography, Computer Graphics, Film Making, Camera, Cinematography, Composition, Lighting, Screenwriting, Shooting, Video Editing, Audio Editing
3D Modeling, Surface Inorganic Poly-modeling Texturing, Hypershade Material, UV Mapping, 3D Paint,Lighting, Three-point lighting, Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, Rigging, Introduction to rigging, Connections, Deformers, Animation, Animation workflow, Principles of animation
Particles and Dynamics,Particles, Emitter, Fluid Effect, Soft Body, Rigid Body, Technical Animation, Fur, nHair nCloth, nDynamics, Xgen plugin, Bifrost
Digital Compositing – 1, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Rendering Digital Compositing – 2, Animation, dopesheet and curve editor, Rotoscope, Colour Management, Tracking, stabilizing, Planner Tracking, Keying Camera Projection, Camera tracking, Re-lighting, Rotopaint node, Clean-up, Digital Compositing – 3, Rotoscope, Different kind of tracking, Stereo conversion, advance tracking & stabilizing, Export footages, Digital Tracking, Auto tracking, Geometry tracking, Hard track, Soft track, Track stereo footag
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), The basics of AR functionality, Taking the next steps with ARCore, Bringing ARCore to life