Learn Video Editing and Compositing

Compositing course


ZICA( Zee Institute of Commercial Arts) is an esteemed institution of the essel conglomerate which offers 2D and 3D animation courses. The institute is one of the oldest player in the education sector and have been delivering consistent results since the last 17 years. ZICA offers a video editing course as well as composting courses for those students who want to lead a career in the visual effects industry. The creative industry of VFX is constantly evolving and incorporating changes according to international parameters and we at ZICA are always operating in tandem with the industry. According to the contemporary times the video editing course as well as composting courses syllabus undergo changes such as concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are been introduced.

Become a professional artist
The course gives an outlook about VFX as well as how to implement it on a commercial and non commercial platforms. The media industry demands passionate personnel those who are willing to think outside the box and create something magical. Well if you are willing to take the leap then you are most welcome at ZICA for an exciting journey..

Syllabus of Video Editing and composting course
The syllabus of the course is quite comprehensive and pertaining to the current industry trends.
- Computer Graphics: Colour Correction, Digital Paint, Multilayer Composting, Image Manipulation, Text Effects, Matte Paint.
- Digital Composting 1: Motion Graphics, Rendering, Composting
- Digital Composting 2: Animation and Curve editor, Rotoscope, Colour Management, Stabilizing, Planner Tracking, Keying, Camera Projection, Camera Tracking, Rotopaint node, clean up.
- Digital Composting 3: Advance Motion blur roto, Silhouette tracker, Mocha Tracker, Spinning and occlusion, Warping, Morphing, Power Matte, Hair Roto, Matte, Keying,
- 3D object based particle: Basic workflow, Working with 3D object, Creating 3 D object, Materials, particle replicators, Animation engine, Integrating with after effects.

- Learn an advanced technical skill
- Learn complete Post-Production Pipeline
- Placement support


Computer Graphics Colour correction, Digital paint Masking - Layer, vector, quick Multilayer compositing, Image manipulation, Text Effects, Matte paint.
Digital Compositing – 1
Motion Graphics Compositing Rendering, 3D object based particle (Plug-in), Basic workflow, Working with 3D object, Creating 3D object, Materials, Particle, Replicators Integrating with After Effects, Animation Engine.
Digital Compositing – 2
Animation, dopesheet and curve editor, Rotoscop,e Colour Management, Tracking, stabilizing Planner, Tracking Keying Camera, Projection Camera, tracking Re-lighting, Rotopaint, node Clean-up.
Digital Compositing – 3
Advance motion blur roto, Use of tracking (1-point and 2-point) in roto, Silhouette default planner tracker, Mocha Tracker Spinning and occlusion, Hair Roto, Roto using IK Stereo, Roto Keying, Advance Paint, advance Warping, Morphing Power Matte.