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Zee Institute of Creative Arts is India’s finest 3D and 2D animation institute. ZICA has a well backed experience of 17 years in training creative personnel in the field of Animation, Visual Effects, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing as well in Web Designing Course. The future is destined to be operated via internet and so the industry requires a good and talented set of web developers and web designers. The Web Development Course introduced at ZICA encompasses not only current trends and technology but also attempts to have incorporated some unique set of concepts in its curriculum anticipating the future.

Become a Professional Artist
The premium Web Designing Course aims to gives a basic understanding of what actually goes into designing and developing websites for commercial and non commercial platforms. The course attempts to teach advanced communication and designing skills supplemented with strong research techniques. At ZICA our Web Development Course are compiled in such a manner that the designing personnel shall gain a perfect grasp of its target audience and its needs, which shall be the USP of our students when they go into the industry.

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Web Design & development pipeline
-Continuous evaluation through examination, competitions and activities
-Placement support


Website Design concept, Computer Graphics, Basics of Website, Web Script, Responsive Layout – UI (Bootstrap).
Angular JS Web Animation - 2 (Animate CC), Animate CC for Web, design Video
Adobe XD Server-Side Script Content Management System Dynamic Site - 1 Dynamic Site - 2 Domain / Hosting Adobe Muse.
Augment Reality and Virtual Reality
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) The basics of AR functionality Taking the next steps with ARCore Bringing ARCore to life Portfolio Preparation