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Interests Addressed:
Live Action, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Art, Design, Composition, Film Making.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts offers film making courses in its module along with visual effects, 3D animation and live action. Filmmaking is a booming industry which is raising its standards day after another. Modern day films involve fine nuances between art and technology. The cinematography courses offered at ZICA ensures that students learn about post production of a movie. The initial phase of the film making courses incorporates within students a basic sense of Photography and filmmaking skills. The second module is followed by being well versed in CG(Computer Graphics) Assets, characters, rigging and animation. The third module deals with dynamics and tracking. The fourth module involves CG with live footage coverage using timelines and node based compositing software. To make sure that students have ample amount of practical knowledge about the cinematography course, at the end students are asked to make a short film by applying all the knowledge that they had gained during the course.

Become a Professional Artist
• ZICA is one of the best film making institute which offers a curriculum which is a combination of theoretical and practical based knowledge and which encompasses the modern trends of media industry.
• Our film making courses gets enriched when visiting faculty from the industry visit our institute and share their knowledge with our students.
• Our cinematography courses are backed by frequent tests and genuine evaluation of students to make sure they are learning in the right direction.

Why to choose ZICA
1. ZICA is one of the best film making institute which offers a curriculum which is a combination of theoretical and practical based knowledge and which encompasses the modern trends of media industry.
2. ZICA not only offers best film making courses but also ensures excellent placement support to our students.
3. Major USP of our institute is that there are no educational or marks criteria for taking admission in our cinematography courses. Least needed is your 10th and 12th qualification.
4. Project and event based learning prepares our student for a competitive world.
5. Film making courses offered at ZICA is also about watching, observing and appreciating some great films.
6. Interactive workshops undertaken by leading film makers catering to cinematography courses.
7. If you have made up your mind then do visit the nearby branch of Zee Institute of Creative Arts to give your career a new twist through film making courses.

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Graphic Design production pipeline
-Continuous evaluation through examination, competitions and activities
-Introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality
-Placement Support


Fundamentals of Art, Computer Graphics, Principles of Design, Perspective, Colour Theory, Human Figure Study Storyboard Filmmaking Foundation, Screen Writing, Direction - 1, Acting, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Design, Direction - 2, Other Formats
3D Character Modeling, Surface, Inorganic Poly Modelling, Organic Character Modelling, Texturing, Hypershade, Material, UV Mapping, 3D Paint Lighting & Shading, Three-point lighting, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting Rigging, Introduction to rigging, Deformers nonlinear, Joint Setup, Character Setup, Rigged Character for Pose Character, Animation, Animation workflow, Animation principles, Body language & Acting, Lip-sync, Expressions, Maya Motion Particles and Dynamics, Particles, Emitter, Fluid Effect, Soft Body, Rigid Body, Technical Animation, Fur, nHair, nCloth, nDynamics, Xgen plugin, Bifrost
Liquid Simulation, Introduction to Liquid simulation, Soft body dynamics, Rigid body dynamics, Daemon, Hybrido Digital Compositing – 1, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Rendering, 3D object based particle (Plug-in), Basic workflow, Working with 3D object, Creating 3D object, Materials, Particle Replicators, Integrating with After Effects, Animation Engine Digital Compositing – 2, Masking, Rotoscope, Color Correction, Compose 3D render passes, Keying, Tracking Stabilize, Rotoscope using tracking Technique, Introduction to 3D tools, Camera Projection, Introduction to Particles, and Intro to Forces, Paint tools, Clean up/Wire-Rig Removal Digital Compositing – 3, Animation, dopesheet and curve editor, Rotoscope, Color Management, Tracking, stabilizing, Planner Tracking, Keying, Camera Projection, Camera tracking, Re-lighting, Rotopaint node, Clean-up
Digital Compositing – 4, Rotoscope, Different kind of tracking, Stereo conversion, advance tracking & stabilizing, Export footages, Digital Tracking, Auto tracking, Geometry tracking, Hard track, Soft track, Track stereo footage. Digital Compositing – 5, Advance motion blur roto, Use of tracking (1-point and 2-point) in roto, Silhouette default planner tracker, Mocha Tracker, Spinning and occlusion, Hair Roto, Roto using IK, Stereo Roto, Keying, Advance Paint advance Warping Morphing Power Matte Advanced Compositing, Advanced Keying Complex Wire Removal Set Extension, Advance Particles, Camera Projection, 3D Integration, Tracking (4 points, 3D and Geometry data), Render Passes and Re-lighting in CG, Advance Color correction, Advance Tracking and solving, Augment Reality and Virtual Reality, Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), The basics of AR functionality, Taking the next steps with ARCore Bringing ARCore to life