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ZICA (Zee Institute of Creative Arts) offers a full fledged multimedia course in more than one mode of communication. The industry uses multimedia for a number of commercial and non commercial uses such as entertainment, journalism, Information Technology, software purposes. Multimedia Course details are followed by a number of professional careers in the field of Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Motion Graphics and 3D architectural animation. The mere fundamentals of multimedia lies in the fact that the course engages into the whole spectrum of media courses from designing to development.

Learn From The Professionals
• Our teaching methods are a blend of practical based as well as a bit of theoretical based lecture.
• ZICA offers a stress free schedule for the lectures which are 3-4 days a week and the lectures are a 90 mins duration.
• Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) is around 17 years old in the industry probably the most experienced multimedia institute of the industry.
• The Multimedia Course introduced by ZICA doesn’t require any special educational criteria or marks allocation.
• The multimedia course details are compiled in such a manner that eases the pressure of students to learn and understand.

Become a professional artist
The Multimedia course instils a series of skills from technical to analytical to creative. Every multimedia course details are carefully explained to the student so that he clearly knows where he /she is leading. At ZICA our multimedia course are well updated with the current trends and technology of the industry so that students are well acquainted with the modern times rather than gaining outdated knowledge. Its our genuine effort to make students learn about the industry and its ultimate target audience, so that in the field they are able to understand their customers and clients.

Modules of Multimedia Course
The module attempts to lay a foundation of Art, Design and Computer Graphics. The multimedia course details are:
1. Computer Graphics: It includes colour concepts, layer concepts, design tools, Colour correction, Image manipulation and logo design.
2. Fundamentals of Drawing, and computer drawing: Light Drawing, Sketching, Perspective Drawing and Imaginative Drawing.
3. Digital Illustration 1: Understanding design tools, understanding menu, design logo, design leaflet, design magazine cover, design advertisement.
4. Digital illustration 2: Multimedia Course details involves being an expert in design tools like working with test filters and effects. A study of logo design banner design, page layout.
5. Digital Animation: Being an expert in animation tools like tests and symbols, learn frame by frame animation, working with motion tweens. Working with filter, audio video, movie clip and integrating with other applications and platforms.
6. Web Layout: Learn how to operate on several web interfaces and tools. Be an expert in CSS, positioning with CSS, advanced layer of Java script.
7. Video Editing: Involves how to conduct non linear editing, integrating sound, tilting, superimposing, motion and filters.
8. Sound Editing: Learning how to clean and clear audio for an acoustic delight.
9. 3D Animation : 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering.
10. Motion Graphics: Understanding the crux of after effects, project planning. Key frame masks and transparency

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Multimedia tools
-Continuous evaluation through competitions and activities
-Placement support


A career in multimedia involves graphic design, audio, digital, print and video production. Video editors, web designers, and illustrators all work in the multimedia field. Although entry-level jobs can be obtained easily, most multimedia careers involve graphic design, web design, architectural walk-through, audio and video editing.


Students walk away with a rich portfolio comprising of best Multimedia, Graphic, Web, Animation and compositing output.
This portfolio will be a gateway to join their desired industry.


Fundamental of Computer & Basic Drawing Object drawing with light & shade, Human sketching, Perspective drawing, Imaginative drawing
Computer Graphics Colour concepts, Design tools, Layer Concept, Masking, Colour Correction, Image Manipulation, Filters, Text Design, Logo Design
Digital Illustration – 1 Understanding the design tools, Understanding Menu, Design Logo, Design Leaflet, Design magazine cover, Design Advertisement
Digital Illustration – 2 Understanding design tools, Working with text filters & effects, Logo design, Page layouts, Create advertisements, Banner design
Digital Animation Learning animation tools, Working with Text and Symbols, Learn frame-by-Frame Animation, Working with Motion Tweens. Adding IK with the Bone Tool, Working with Library, movie clip, filter, audio and video, Integrating with Other Applications, Publishing content
Web Layout Learn web development interface & tools, Creating Interactive Images, Validate Form, Using Third-Party Behaviors, Learning CSS, Layer properties, style, Positioning with CSS, Behaviors JavaScript Behaviors Frames and its properties, Benefits of Using XHTML, Testing the Site,Setting up a Site and a Wizard
Video Editing The concept of Non-Linear Editing, Basic Editing & Transitions, Integrating Audio, Advanced Editing, Titling, Superimposing, Motion & Filters.
Sound Editing Using the workspace, Importing and recording, Editing audio, Cleaning and restoring audio
Motion Graphics Understanding the usage of After Effects, Projects Planning, Composition Basics Animation and controls, Key-frame basics Masks and Transparency, Text Animation using Path Working with FX Plug-ins, Render Queue.
3D Animation 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering

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