Digital Photography course


Zee Institute of Creative Arts offers one of the best Digital Photography course which encompasses the nuances of modern photography such as understanding of lens, composition, colour management, it also familiarizes students with several photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom. The photography course introduced at ZICA is a complete blend of creativity and technology so that our students capture the best moments of life. Now days people have a longing thirst to pursue their passion and photography is the most trending profession to kickstart their career.

Become a Professional Artist
Major USP of taking up a photography course is that you might not have a compulsion to work in a cubicle. You can independently start your own business venture. The industry is filled with people taking up Wildlife photography courses, Industrial Product Photography Courses, Fashion photography courses and several other different genres of photography. We aspire to turn our students industry ready so that they are well acquainted with the current trends of the market. A wildlife photography courses can make them experience the wilderness of nature and truly make them pursue what they are born for.

Features of Photography Course at ZICA
The photography course at ZICA takes care of the basic nuances which goes into making of a great photographer.

- Understanding the Digital Camera: Camera types and accessories, Camera range and exposure, caring for your camera and photos.
- Camera Lens: Camera Lens, Lens Characteristics, Camera lens Filters, Lenses and optics.
- Photographic Techniques: Lightening Techniques, Composition, Depth and Aperture control, Action and motion photography, photographic research, Self Portraits, Candid Photography, Wildlife photography course, Studio lighting for portraiture, Studio strobe lighting techniques.
- Digital Photo editing: Post photographic techniques, Tones and Contrast, Sharpening and details, Image stacking and multiple exposure, photo stitching and multiple panoramas, Speciality techniques
- Post Photography Session: Recreate a photograph, Blending art and photography, understanding the lab, colour management and printing.

Wildlife Photography courses are quite in demand today, it requires some passionate humans to explore the wilderness and capture the most astounding beauties of nature. The projects and assignments been given during the course gives ample of exposure to students so that they can learn and imbibe from the environment and apply in the field.

Why choose ZICA’s Digital Photography Course
- The photography course is compiled in such a manner that it consists of detailed nuances of Photography.
- Our sole aim is to witness our students contributing to the industry in huge numbers. We support our students with the best placement support.
- Classes at ZICA are quite flexible of 3-4 days per week consisting of 90 minutes.
- Practical assignments and genuine evaluation and guidance gives our students an honest approach towards their work.
- Our institute is backed by the expertise of faculty those who have worked extensively in the field of photography.
- Major USP of the course is that it doesn’t require any major educational qualification nor are there any marks criteria.
- The Digital Photography Course opens the gates for several other courses such as Wildlife Photography Courses.

- Increase visualization and technical skills
- Learn from master photographers
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Digital Camera,
Camera types and Accessories, Caring for your Camera and Photos Range and Exposures,
Camera Lenses,
Camera Lenses Lens Characteristics Camera Lens Filters Lenses and Optics, Photography Techniques,
Various features Techniques and Styles Exposure and Light Metering Composition Lighting, Techniques The depth of Field and Aperture Control Action and Motion in Photography, Photographer Research Studio Lighting for Portraiture Self Portraits Candid Photography Studio Strobe Lighting Techniques,
Digital Photo Editing,
Learning digital photo editing tools, Post photography techniques, Tones and Contrast Sharpening and Details, Photo Editing, Techniques Image Stacking and Multiple Exposures, Photo Stitching, and Digital Panoramas Speciality Techniques, Post-Photography Session, Re-create a Photograph Blending Art and Photography Colour Management and Printing The Lab.