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Zee Institute of Creative Art is India’s most premier institute for training creative minds in 2D and 3D Animation courses. ZICA has been in the market for the past 17 years and consistently been delivering some of the best talents in the field of animation and visual effects. We basically train students in a state of art infrastructure to equip them in pre and post production work. Zee Institute of Creative Art offers courses which help creative professionals to brush up and enhance their skills as per the dynamic nature of the industry such as 3D Animation courses, Graphics Designing course, Visual effects course as well.

Learn from the Professionals
ZICA is the most experienced and professional vfx institute in the industry which offers 3D Animation courses and visual effects course. Our teaching methods are a blend of theoretical explanation and practical sessions in 3D animation courses each comprising of 90 minutes. Holistically improves your design and visualization skills. The animation courses at ZICA constantly updates itself with the changing trends of media industry. An in-depth study of Augmented and Virtual reality module shall give immense exposure. Constant evaluation, competitions and activities which shall brush upon your skills. ZICA is not only regarded as the best vfx institute but also the only vfx training institute which offers genuine placement support, we have placed our students into top animation and visual effects companies all over Mumbai. The foundation of ZICA lies in its well qualified teachers who are experienced as well industrial professionals in visual effects course and 3D animation courses. The USP of the institute is that it doesn’t have any marks or percentage criteria to get an admission, a candidate needs to be 10th or 12th pass, if the candidate wishes he/she can enrol into an earlier certificate course to get a brief knowledge about the field. There are several visiting faculties who undertake quite comprehensive workshops which are quite informative. While learning at Zica you shall have complete knowledge about what actually goes into pre and post production of a movie. Project and event based learning makes the entire module quite fun, we at ZICA indulge into art and technology driven education. If you have made up your mind to enrol into the best vfx course near you then we are located at Malad, please come in huge numbers to embark upon a creative journey like never before.

Become a professional artist
• ZICA works every single day with its bright students to help shape a better tomorrow. The wide variety of courses, the attention to detail and the best faculty on board help in bringing out the best in you.
• The well-equipped ZICA training academy replete with high-end animation tools, 2D animation facilities, 3D software, Visual FX Labs and Imaging Technologies serves as the perfect learning space.
• The ZICA placement cell assists all ZICA students across the country and helps them find a galore of opportunities as the creative industry welcomes them with open arms.

Why to choose ZICA for Animation?
Personal Development Programme(PDP) in 3D Animation Courses of ZICA for 24 months gives an holistic exposure towards computer based knowledge as well practical experience over 3D Animation Courses. The world of animation is constantly booming with new revolutionary ideas which upgrades the media industry a step further. Ample of amount of opportunities are available in developing games, vfx training , vfx animation course, broadcast media which offers professionals to pursue their passion as well as earn a lucrative living. If you are ready to chase your dreams then you are most welcome at ZICA family.

• Enhances Visualization and Designing Skills
• Helps understand the entire Production and Post-Production Pipeline
• An informed journey into the world of Visual Effects
• Continuous Performance Evaluation
• Introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality Mode
• Enthusiastic Placement Support


Preface Sketching, Human Figure, Study Animal Study, Perspective Study, Colour Theory, Story Master, Layout Design, Character Design, Digital illustration, Storyboard, Computer Graphics, Digital 2D Animation, Video & Audio Editing
3D Modeling, Interior Modelling Product Modelling, Texturing, Hypershade Material UV Mapping UV Unwrapping, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Basic Rigging, Inorganic and camera Animation, 3D Character Modeling, Surface Inorganic Poly Modelling Organic Character Modelling Texturing, Hypershade Material, UV Mapping, UV Unwrapping, 3D Paint, Lighting & Shading, Three point lighting, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting.
Character Rigging, Connections Deformers, Skeleton Skinning, Face Rig, Muscle rig, Posing with final character, 3D Character Animation, Animation workflow, Animation principles, Animation exercise, Working on the project for Character Animation, Props Animation, Body language & Acting, Lip-sync Expressions, Maya Motion, Particles and Dynamics, Particles Emitter, Fluid Effect, Soft Body Rigid Body, Technical Animation, Fur n Hair nCloth nDynamics, Xgen plugin Bifrost.
Digital Compositing – 1, Motion Graphics Compositing Rendering.
Digital Compositing – 2, Masking Rotoscope, Color Correction, Compose 3D, render passes, Keying Tracking, Stabilize Rotoscope, using tracking Technique, Introduction to 3D tools, Camera projection, Introduction to Particles and Intro to Forces Paint tools, Clean up/Wire-Rig Removal, Digital Compositing – 3, Animation, dopesheet and curve editor, Rotoscopy Color Management, Tracking, stabilizing, Planner, Tracking Keyin,g Camera projection, Camera tracking, Re-lighting Rotopaint, node Clean-up.
Elective specialisation (2 Months), Modeling & Texturing, Lighting and Shading, Character Animation, Visual Effects, Augment Reality and Virtual Reality, Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), The basics of AR, functionality Taking the next steps with ARCore Bringing ARCore to life Portfolio Preparation.